Welcome to our dental surgery Dr. Dr. Lingohr & Colleagues. We offer an entire spread of  innovative dentistry in a comfortable atmosphere – the best condition for a lifelong dental health and your well-being. Qualitative aesthetics are priority and our patients are the focus. 


Speaking and laughing without fear due to fixed dentures. Implants are the most innovative solution to replace teeth that need to be replaced. The screw replaces the natural dental root and serves as a basis for securing single crowns, (dental) bridges and prosthesis. The design of the new teeth is done by means of digital 3D X- ray images. The special feature here is that no healthy neighbouring teeth have to be grounded. A firm fit, and great appearance will provide a better quality of life. Implants are a long-term investment in your dental health.

Solid teeth in one day

Do your dentures lead to the problem such as you cannot eat and talk properly? Is it the reason why you hesitate to smile with confidence? Imagine having precisely fitting and aesthetically pleasing long- lasting teeth by tomorrow, that feel like your own teeth. Thanks to high quality technology and the cooperation with specialized laboratories it is now possible!

An intra-oral 3D camera will measure the tooth digitally and transfer the images automatically to a computer on which the dentist constructs the desired dentures. A grinding machine will then manufacture the perfect fit out of one ceramic block that can be implanted into the mouth in a minimum of time. This work will be qualitatively equivalent to laboratory- fabricated teeth. Imprints and temporary teeth are not necessary as you will leave the dentist within a few hours after implanting the new teeth.

We offer you ideal time management and appointments that meet your needs.

Aesthetic Dentistry

A bright and healthy smile means beauty, well- being and a high quality of life.


bleaching teeth treatmentProfessional teeth whitening done fast and with latest technology. Highly concentrated jelly and the additional application of special light provide immediate bleaching. The application of the jelly as well as the light will be repeated up to four times until the desired degree of whiteness is reached. After that the teeth will be sealed with a paste in order to re-mineralise. With thorough oral hygiene you will be able to enjoy a beautiful smile for up to three years.

Composite fillings

You might still remember Amalgam fillings whose grey colour bothered you?

Nowadays modern dentistry works with aesthetic materials that are adapted to the natural tooth colour and are composed of plastic and a high amount of ceramic. You will benefit from biocompatible fillings that thanks to its longevity will provide steady nourishment.

Partial Crowned and Inlays

If a tooth has a very large amount of decay then an Inlay becomes a more dependable long-term solution, compared to a composite filling. In our dental practice in Cologne-Bayenthal we use the Cerec technique, a grinding machine in which the inlay is milled from a ceramic block. The Inlay can be glued to the tooth on the same day without the need of a temporary restoration. Alternatively the Inlay can be manufactured in one of our dental laboratories. An aesthetically pleasing solution that is indistinguishable from the natural tooth. The special advantages for our Patients are long lasting and biocompatible solutions.

Crowns and dental bridges

Crowns and dental bridges are the ideal solution to supply teeth whose substance is extensively affected or to close gaps where an implant is not possible. Many patients value aesthetically optimal care that goes beyond the “medically sufficient” measurement as declared by health insurances. We offer Zirconium Oxide crowns or all-ceramic dentures as well as biocompatible metal- free restorations. With these solutions, aesthetics have priority as the dentures will fit perfectly into your natural dentition and we ensure you will be impressed.


Are you bothered by a slight tooth displacement or a strong discolouration of your teeth? Veneers offer a simple, fast and biocompatible solution. The translucent ceramic shells are glued to the tooth surface and are particularly suitable for the natural look of anterior teeth.

Invisible correction of teeth

Unsichtbare Zahnkorrektur KölnChildren and adults have the wish to have fabulous and straight teeth. Imagine you could achieve this without a considerable change in lifestyle and that you could easily integrate it in your daily life. The solution for our patients are invisible aligners with high wear ability in all life circumstances.

Two invisible teeth trays will move your teeth gently for almost 24 hours daily in the desired position. Modern technology and high-quality material make it possible to reach a pain free and highly effective correction of the tooth position. You will benefit from minimum pressure, precise fitting and biocompatible material. By the end of the treatment you will have beautiful straightened teeth and a sexy smile.

Without fear

Imagine that a visit to the dentist is possible without a sleepless night, trembling hands and anxiety. No matter what condition your teeth are in there is no need to be ashamed because we do everything we can to make you laugh carefree again.

After the first consultation our doctors will discuss the treatment concept.  A detailed explanation is commonly enough to take away your fear.

Laughing Gas

In order to reduce sensation of pain we treat our patients with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) that can have anxiety- reducing effects without gagging and keep you calm. After the end of this treatment you are immediately roadworthy.

General anaesthesia / Sedation

We are happy to set up an appointment with you together with our anaesthesiologist. That way the complete treatment can be performed under general anaesthesia or sedation. This facility is also well suited for our youngest patients and allows a thorough treatment during sleep.


Zahnärrztliche Prophylaxe KölnThe dental prophylaxis includes a detailed medical examination and assessment, professional tooth-cleaning as well as the development of an individual hygiene plan. It prevents dental diseases such as tooth decay, gingivitis and tooth loss. The professional teeth- cleaning includes the removal of bacterial plaque and tartar, polishing and sealing of fissures. At the end of every dental hygiene you will leave our practice with bright clean and polished teeth. Your oral cavity will be rid of unpleasant odors. We recommend a semi- annual repeat of prophylaxis for healthy and natural teeth.


Every prophylaxis includes oral cancer screening. The Velscope screening method is an examination of the oral mucosa. The illumination of the human tissue with blue light is gentle and takes only a few minutes. A special benefit is the detection of oral cancer at an early stage, where no change in human tissue is yet to be seen for the human eye. If any changes in human tissues are being detected timely, the chances of survival will increase to 80%.


Healthy and solid gum is the basis for stable and straight teeth. Symptoms include bleeding gums, bad breath and subsequently the loosing of teeth. In some cases the bone will be attacked when the inflammation passes from the gum to the bone. Here, it is high time to act. After an X-ray examination two intensive dental cleanings will be performed and a periodontal status is improved. This is followed by a gingival pocket cleaning under local anaesthesia that is optimally supported by the use of a laser and dye ( photodynamic therapy). A regular teeth cleaning after the treatment is the best prophylaxis to maintain a healthy oral hygiene.

Endodontics – The dental root

In case of a sore or necrotic nerve a root canal treatment is the best way to preserve the tooth. The inflamed and diseased tissue will be removed, disinfected and then sealed with root canal filling that is not bacteria- permeable. In order to support this procedure we work with a surgical microscope. You will benefit from a greater treatment success due to higher magnification, shadow- free illumination and a minimal invasive surgical procedure.

CMD – Craniomandibular Dysfunctions

Do you suffer from chronic neck and back pain, migraine, tinnitus or falling hands and muscle tension? Do you think that these symptoms can be corrected by your dentist for the simple reason that the cause is an incorrect weight bearing on your jaw?

The CDM will be treated by a special digital measurement of your bite and the production of a functional rail. Our practice is supported by a orthopaedic surgeon and physiotherapist, who reside in the same building and optimize the success of the treatment by means of spine measurements and specific manual therapies. The rail has a positive effect on your body statics and improves your state of health significantly.

Especially for competitive athletes there will be a significant improvement in coordination skills, physical condition and in the area of muscle failure tensions as well as the risk for injuries will be decreased.

Technical Equipment

Digital support and modern technology play a major role in dentistry. We offer precision and attention to detail and achieve a greater success in treatment through the usage of latest technical methods.

  • Digital 3D Computer Tomography
  • Digital Diagnostic Radiology
  • Intra-oral Camera
  • Dental Ceramic Milling
  • Surgical Microscope
  • Velscope
  • Laser Procedure
  • Electrical Functional Analysis
  • Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)
  • STA- Single Tooth Anaesthesia

You will benefit from accurate preparation and safety procedures during operations, minimal intervention and shorter surgery times. It is possible to provide predictable aesthetic results and immediate restoration with dentures on the same day. The special feature of digital X-ray is a significant reduction in radiation exposure as well as the possibility of radiation- free treatment when using the intra-oral camera. Nitrous Oxide has a calming effect and the advantage that you are immediately roadworthy after the treatment. The painless laser process has a great variety of applications. The disinfectant effect of the laser treatment supports the root and periodontists therapy and is used during surgical procedures. The STA treatment will anaesthetize painlessly only the desired tooth teeth?, without impacting the tongue or lips and is a gentle alternative to the anaesthetic injection.